23. April, 2007 - finishing something

Bendy Pipes

Took a photowalk around the Minneapolis warehouse district over the weekend, and have started posting photos from it. I actually have quite a few that I like, so expect to see them trickling in over the next few weeks.

Beyond that, not too much news. The weather over the weekend was nicer than I expected, even with the rain on Sunday. Got a fair amount done around the house, which is nice, but I’m in the middle of projects, so I can’t really say “I finished something.” Just made progress.

And that was pretty much the week at work, too. I didn’t finish anything, but I made progress. I always get kinda antsy after shipping a product (see below) and before getting full-steam into the next version. There’s lot of managers planning stuff, and I’m sure things will get moving for real soon, but most of the stuff that’s happening now feels like “busy work.” Necessary busy work, but still… It made a day wandering around and taking pictures feel just a little more fun, since between being in the middle of projects at home, between releases at work, and not having taken any new pictures for a couple weeks, I needed a creative kick in the butt. And even though I haven’t posted all the photos yet, I can feel like I finished something.

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