16. April, 2007 - weekend roundup

As expected, Friday night was the Auto Body Experience show. There were a few surprises though. The first was that parking at the Eagles Club was hard to find at 7:30. Second, a lot of the happy-hour crowd hung around until well into the ABE set. Third was that the stage was so dimly lit, I didn’t think I’d get any pictures at all. But by cranking the camera up to ISO 1600, and putting on my f/1.8 manual focus lens, I managed to get a couple photos I don’t hate. And finally, I was surprised that I hung out until after the band was done. They played until 1, and I’d been up at 4:30, so it was a pretty darned long day for me.

The Auto Body Experience
The Auto Body Experience

Saturday I slept late, processed some of the pictures, and cleaned the wall in the basement that I was planning to paint. But I ran out of time and didn’t get to the painting as I’d planned. Oh, and I poked around the garden a bit. Needed to cut out some of the grass and volunteer onions that keep coming back year after year. Only got a couple more feet of productive space, but I’m not in a huge hurry, and chopping out what’s basically sod isn’t the easiest work, so I’m tackling it a little bit at a time.

Sunday I opened up the basement windows and painted. Got done about lunchtime and ate some lunch, then it was over to the Saints ticket pickup party at the Summit Brewery. Once again, there were more people than I expected, and I had to park farther away than I’d planned, but it was a good time seeing my “Summertime Family.” Now I’m getting antsy for the season to start, but that’s not even three weeks away at this point, so I guess I can survive the wait.

The weather? Beautiful through the entire weekend. Temps in the 60s, plenty of sunshine, and just enough wind. The kind of springtime weather that makes putting up with winter around here worthwhile.

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