10. April, 2007 - more snow

Well, the weather folks are freaking out again. Seems we’re to get four to six inches of snow later today. I guess I’m a mite dubious after some previous false-alerts, but don’t think it’s really going to change the way I approach the day. I’m gonna head in to work, and if it gets really nasty, I might leave early, but then again, I might not. If I have to shovel tomorrow morning before work, so be it. But it’s pretty hard to get worked up about snow in April.

But the cold weather, that’s got me down a bit. I’ve been struggling along with even less energy than usual due to the cold, and am really looking forward to a couple days when it will be warm enough to open my basement windows so I can paint down there. I find myself wondering if I’m going to get it done before May.

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