1. April, 2007 - soggy

Will the rain ever stop? Sometimes I wonder. It’s been raining since last thursday, and seems like even longer. And that’s colored the whole weekend. There’s been some decent light out for photography, since rainy weather makes for nice soft light and vivid colors, but it’s cool and wet enough that I haven’t wanted to be out in it. And things are just starting to green up, so there aren’t any flowers or such to grab my attention. The result is that I haven’t taken any pictures since getting back from Arizona. It’s starting to bug me.

But I really should be staying inside, anyhow. I finished tearing out the shower in the basement last weekend, and the plan for this weekend was to clean up that area (and some of the rest of the basement, too), and then paint the wall behind where the shower used to be. It’s in pretty sad shape, and really needs to be dealt with and it seemed as though a rainy weekend would be perfect. But I’m still feeling lazy from the after-effects of the cold I had, and haven’t gotten much done on that front. And with dim light all day, it’s pretty easy to stay curled up in bed extra-long in the morning, or spend the day suckling at the comforting blue glow of the glass teat. Which, when you get right down to it, isn’t a bad way to spend the weekend, either.

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