20. March, 2007 - more AZ photos

I’m still working through my photos from Arizona. I’ve got almost half of them posted, and am sorta hoping to stretch the remaining ones (posting one per day or so) until the end of the month. Then again, I might get impatient and post multiples. But I think there are some nice landscapes, and some pretty decent spring training photos in there, so head on over and check them out.

Mountains at sunrise
Mountains at sunrise

Other than that, things have been pretty calm around here. Not to say I haven’t been busy, but nothing unmanageable. Last weekend was some catching up around the house, and a long-overdue visit up to mom’s. And hooking up my new UPS, two days after an hour-long power outage made my new computer sad. And trying to get my email client happy again after the power had failed while it was checking email and writing bits to the hard drive. Ouch. It’s still kinda screwed up, but at least it’s mostly usable again, which is an improvement over Friday.

This weekend, the Saints single-game tickets go on sale on Saturday. I suspect there will be some sort of gathering out in the parking lot, since the weather is supposed to be pretty decent. Probably won’t be building any snowpigs this year, though.

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