14. March, 2007 - zona

Took last Friday and Monday this week off from work for a long weekend, and I went down to Arizona for the weekend. Never been there before, and it ended up being a pretty fun weekend. It didn’t hurt that the temps were in the mid-80s most days (and it was, in fact, a dry heat), which felt pretty good after getting a couple feet of snow in a couple weeks here in MN.

Arizona-Sonora Desert Panorama
Arizona-Sonora Desert Panorama

The photo is another panorama, stitched together from 8 photos taken with my D-200. Big! So big, in fact, that I had to scale it down to post it to flickr. Seems they have a limit of about 15000 pixels wide for images. Anyway, there was a lot of scenery like that, and I got pictures of much less of it than I wanted, but since we were gathered in a large group, I kinda expected that. I was busy socializing, rather than geeking out with my camera all by myself much of the time. Guess I’ll have to go back sometime. I’ll probably have more to say about the weekend once I’ve gone through more of the pictures, but for now, that’s pretty much going to do it.

On the home front, things are going okay. I got back, and got called into work immediately on Monday afternoon. Turns out I’d written a bug, and had to fix it. Which I guess is okay, since I probably shouldn’t have taken vacation just now, but the bug is fixed, the vacation was successful, and all seems to be well at the moment, so I guess it worked out. And I think that’s the note I’d like to end on for today.

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