8. March, 2007 - icy

It’s the time of year when people are walking carefully around here. There was just enough sunshine yesterday to start melting some of the couple feet of snow we got, but it gets cold enough again every night to refreeze it all. That makes for big ice-slicks in the parking lots and on sidewalks. I haven’t seen any pratfalls yet this spring, but I’m expecting one any time now. Probably from me.

But it’s actually starting to feel like spring. Sure, there’s still a bunch of snow, but the days are noticeably longer, and unless there’s a crisis, I’m now seeing sunshine both going to and coming home from work, and that’s improved my mood a lot. Plus, as I note in the last link, baseball has started, and that’s a good sign, too.

False Creek Pano
False Creek Panorama

Today’s photo is one from the fall of 2002, shot in Vancouver, BC. I’ve been playing with the stitching abilities in Photoshop, and turned a bunch of old photos into panoramas. This is one of those little things that makes me a happier boy. When I tried stitching these photos back in 2002, it was a lot of work, required specialized software, and the results still didn’t make me all that happy. Today, it’s a lot easier, and the software needed does a lot more than just stitching pictures together. And I can do it without throwing away resolution, which all the tools did five years ago. I’m hoping to get out with the camera this weekend and shoot some really big panos, just because I can.

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