4. March, 2007 - it was a lot of snow

We ended up getting over a foot of snow between Thursday and Friday. Much shovelling was involved, and I was kinda sore on Friday, but am feeling pretty good now. Sure, the sidewalk behind the house is down to just a single shovel-width, but it’s March, and even though it’s usually the snowiest month of the year, we’ve been getting enough sunshine that many of the shovelled areas are already completely clear.

Master of all he surveys
The Master of All He Surveys

During my snow-day on Thursday, I set up my new computer. I was impressed by how easily the “transfer everything from your old computer” script thingie worked. Kudos to Apple for getting that right. I basically connected the two machines with a firewire cable, and let it just run. The only real glitch was the estimate of time remaining. When it said there were seven minutes left, I started defrosting some pork chops for dinner. An hour and a half later, I had defrosted, cooked, and eaten dinner, and washed the dishes, and it still said “less than a minute remaining” for another fifteen or twenty minutes. The weird thing is that the initial estimate (the first one I saw) ended up being accurate to within about ten minutes. It was just the ones when the process that was closer to complete that were wacky. I also still need to move the extra hard-drive from the old machine to the new, but that’s not a big deal. And the new pute is so much faster that I’m impressed by how quickly a lot of things run now.

Friday I went into work again, in spite of the snow. It wasn’t all that bad out. A lot of people were staying home, so even though the roads weren’t perfect, there just weren’t that many cars in the way. That was nice.

The one thing I had hoped to do and didn’t was get out to take some pictures of the freshly-fallen snow. I thought about it a few times, but never quite got around to it. Oh well. I’ve been going through the archives and posting some older pictures to my flickr stream. I keep trying to get at least one photo a day up there, but I’m definitely going to need to get out to get some new fodder if I’m going to keep that up. Yes, there are still a few good ones in the archives, but not as many as I’d like. Hopefully with the new puter set up, and the weather getting warmer, I’ll have less incentive to stay inside.

And I think that’s going to do it for today. I’m kinda light on the links this time, but I managed to post twice in a week, too. That’s something, right?

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