February 2007

19. February, 2007 - sigh

Another weekend come and gone, and mostly I just slept. And read. And felt a lot more of a sense of accomplishment than I probably should have for the little bit of cleaning I did around the house. But at least something got done, and I apparently needed the sleep. People have been getting sick around the office, and so far I’ve avoided the worst of it, and I’ll keep telling myself that plenty of sleep is the reason. That’s a good reason, right?

When the weather warmed up again this weekend, it almost felt like we were past the worst of winter. I’m still expecting one really big snowfall, and maybe even another cold snap, but I guess being busy with work through the worst of winter has the benefit of keeping me from getting those mid-winter blahs. I am getting itchy to get out with my camera again one of these days, but in the mean time I’ve been pulling pictures from the archives and dressing them up for posting on flickr. There’s plenty of that to do through the rest of the cold, I’m sure.

11. February, 2007 - easing off

Yeah, I’ve been busy. But I’ve actually had a few days off this month, so I’m starting to catch up on things around home a bit. And that includes updating the blog. Not a whole lot of text, but apparently I had built up a good backlog of links, so there’s lots of clickability if you’re one of those people.

Beyond that, I really don’t have a lot. I’ve got a lot of projects around the house I should be tackling today, and I need to get started on ’em. Hope to see you next weekend.

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