29. January, 2007 - a long month

January normally seems like a long month. This year, it’s seemed even longer. We didn’t get hit with the real cold until the end of the month, but it’s here now. Add in the fact that today will be the fifteenth day in a row I’ve been in to work, and it just doesn’t seem as though month-end will ever get here.

Which isn’t all bad, either. I’ve still got lots of stuff to do before I can call this month done. Moving rapidly to the top of the list is filing all the damned paperwork for my business. I’ve been trying to wrap things up, but it turns out my payroll service, since I didn’t pay them for a full year last year, didn’t file anything for me. That means about ten different pieces of paper to be mailed in to various government agencies, except that a couple of them have to be done online. Did I say Ugh! yet?

Breakfast with the squishycow
Breakfast with the squishycow

At least there are a few little pleasures still. Even if I’ve had to go into work on the weekends, I’ve managed to cook up yummy breakfasts for myself. I haven’t had a ton of time to go out taking pictures (which I find myself missing a lot), but I have at least kept the camera skills from gathering dust, even if it’s something as simple as using my phone to snap a picture of one of the various joints where I eat lunch (though I often forget about that until we’re back to work, where my cow-orkers get to hear me say D’Ohh! as we’re walking from the cars and I remember).

The ABE show on Saturday was fun, too. A lot of the regulars weren’t there—I suspect because they’d seen three sets just the Sunday before, but there were a couple cute gals to sit with me, and I enjoyed the show and got to talk to Scott a bit both before and after. I don’t especially like parking around O’Gara’s on a weekend evening, but it all went well, was a fun show, and a darned good break from thinking about code. And it sounds like Scott and the guys have enough new songs to just about be ready for their fifth CD, so I’ve got that to look forward to. And while poking around on the web yesterday, I found MPR’s pages on the ABE and on The Crops. If I find myself with a bunch of spare time anytime soon, maybe I’ll go add some stuff there.

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