21. January, 2007 - a long week


This past week has definitely felt like a long one. Monday went pretty well, but on Tuesday, as I was heading to work from a care conference for Mom (just one of those once-a-year things), I got side-swiped by a semi. Dumped a fair amount of adrenaline, and screwed up most of that afternoon. Once the garage near work had put on the spare and had sawzalled part of the bumper out of the right wheel well (for a whopping $13 - I’d heartily recommend them if they hadn’t lost the lock that goes on the spare so someone doesn’t steal it off the rear rack), I headed home, and promptly felt my head stuff completely up with a cold.

I don’t remember a whole lot from Wednesday or Thursday. Went to the insurance adjustor and the body shop, and set an appointment to drop my truck off tomorrow to get repaired, and I guess I did some work, but I was in something of a fuzz both days.

Friday, I thought things were going pretty well at work until lunch, but my lunch didn’t sit especially well, and I took off early. Stopped by Target for some food and Nyquil & Sudafed to get me through the cold, and spent 45 minutes trying to find everything in the store that I shop in all the time and know where everything is, then came home, threw up, and went to bed early.

Saturday, I went into work, too. Got some constructive stuff done, but I still have a bunch to do, so I’m probably going in today, unless the snow picks up. I guess I wasn’t far wrong on Friday when I said Woo-hoo! Friday! Only seven more days until the weekend! Pretty bummed out that I’m going to miss the ABE show at the Fitzgerald today, but as Scott says, they’ll probably sound better at O’Gara’s this coming Saturday at 9pm, due to the availability of beer.

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