13. January, 2007 - long weekend?


Not for me. At least not in the meaning of “I get a Monday holiday.” But long in the number of events. Last night was Tiff’s going-away-party at the Sporty. She’s moving to California today, and it was good to see her one last time before the move. A lot of people showed up to say goodbye, which was nice, I guess.

Today was the normal mid-winter gathering of the PeTA gang. It went pretty well until about 6pm, when one of the gals in the party got told that she wasn’t welcome in the bar we were in. We’d been there since 3, and I’m not sure of all the details, but apparently she was “involved in a fight” there a couple weeks ago (some drunk chick took a swing at her) and even though she wasn’t kicked out that night, the manager tonight apparently wanted to upset nearly twenty paying customers, so he told her she couldn’t have any more drinks. This was at Ol’ Mexico up in Rosedale, and since I’ve never really been too enthusiastic about the joint, it’s pretty easy to say “I sha’n’t return.” Just doesn’t seem right to me to boot a customer two weeks after whatever the hell happened, especially when the manager on duty that night seemed to be fine with the situation. Most of the group felt the same way, so we left in solidarity. Sure, they’re free not to serve her, but we’re also free to spend our money elsewhere.

As for the work-week, it wasn’t the best. I spent a lot of energy on a project I’m working on that seems to be going nowhere. I’m moving in the right direction, but there’s still that schedule thing, and I’m definitely not ahead of it. Sigh.

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