7. January, 2007 - Now with Links!

The first week back at work of the year went pretty well. Sure there was a minor crisis or two, and I’m still feeling as though I’m running behind schedule, but I think overall it was a good week. And having a week off improved my mood and motivation a lot more than I’d have thought possible. It makes me look forward to being able to take some more time off again sometime soon!

United Noodles
Untied Noodles

Friday we went to United Noodles for lunch. They have a good little deli there, though seating is in short supply, plus I got to shop for various goodies after finishing my tasty lunch. The best of the batch were some "Gourmet Butter" cookies made by Haitai, except they came in a little bucket and were just small biscuit-shaped cookies. Anyway, they were delicious. I’ll be buying them again.

On the home construction front, not much to report. Between work during the week, and enough other things going this weekend, it just didn’t seem like a priority. Besides, it won’t be until this Wednesday that the trash guys take away the last of the carpet padding, so I’ve got something of an excuse, right?

And that’s about all the news for now. But then this was the weekend that I was expecting would be the time to rest up from the holidays before the post-holiday parties and obligations begin, so I’m perfectly happy to have very little to report. And besides, I’ve got links for you!

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