1. January, 2007 - a new year, a new snow

Yesterday was more and less eventful than I had planned. I started by running up to visit mom and take her out to lunch. It was raining on the way up, and it switched to snow up there while we were eating lunch. The first twenty miles of the drive back home were complete white-knuckle driving, since the slush on the freeway was just heavy enough and slippery enough to mean that while the right lane felt fine, the left (because of less traffic) was pretty hairy, and changing lanes was an exercise in sphincter-tightening of the first order, even with four-wheel-drive. I made it home in one piece though, and it was still just raining here in town when I got home (though we did get almost a full inch of rain before the couple inches of snow).

Just before sundown it switched over from rain to snow. I decided right then that I wasn’t going to Adam & Marcy’s New Year’s Eve party. That was kind of a bummer, since I look forward to the party, but I really didn’t feel like dealing with drunks, crappity roads, and sobriety checkpoints, even if it meant missing out on a possible midnight smooch from some cutie.

Instead, I stayed home, and got almost done with the spare bedroom. All the furring strips are gone, and there are just a few leftover staples and nails that I couldn’t see in the fading light yesterday, and then the baseboards to remove and I can start painting. And then it’ll be time to call in the folks to refinish the floor and build the bookcases. I feel pretty good about the progress I made up there over the break, since it was the one task I really wanted to make sure I got done, and I nearly have. An hour or two this afternoon, and I should be done with the tear-out, and that’s a darned good feeling.

A half-hour's work
A half-hour’s work

Going out and shovelling the snow this morning was another good feeling. Sweaty and just plain hard work, since my snow-shovelling muscles haven’t gotten any work for over nine months, but it was a nice feeling of accomplishment. And I got to wear my new Red Wings for the first time in the snow. They’re not insulated, but they’re enough higher than sneakers to keep the snow out, and not as hot as the Sorel’s (which seemed like overkill with the temp in the 20s). I like having happy feet when I’m in the snow.

There are a few other things I want to get done today before my vacation is over, and a couple things I must get done, but overall, it’s been a good ten days off from work, and I think I’ll be about ready to go back to spending most of my waking hours in front of a computer.

And yes, I know I’m light on links again. Like Claire, I spend a fair whack of every morning on the ’net, but unlike her, I tend to ignore all the bad news I see, rather than linking to it. I’m sure there are happier fun links I could be pointing to, but I’ve been concentrating on not dwelling on the bad crap before worrying about the good stuff. Maybe it’s a backwards way to approach things, but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve done things in the wrong order. So anyway, of course today’s one link is some of the bad news. Drat.

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