30. December, 2006 - I got wood!

In my bedroom, even! Hard wood! Over the break, I’ve been slowly working on the “spare” bedroom. I got everything moved out of there, and tore out the carpet and the padding. And beneath it, there’s actual hardwood flooring, not the vinyl tile that I found in the other bedroom. That’s cause for celebration, since it means that I can refinish the floor in there, and not have to recarpet it. Since the room is going to be a library and guest bedroom, I like the idea of a wood floor with an area rug.

I’ll take a couple pictures once I’ve had a chance to finish tearing out the furring strips around the edges of the room and have mopped the floor to get the dust out of there. Once that’s done, it’s time to figure out the color-scheme for the room and exactly how much of the wall-space is going to be devoted to bookshelves. Then paint, floor refinishing, shelves, and move in the books and furniture. I’m hoping to have all that done by May, but that’s probably an optimistic schedule.

Most of the rest of the time during the holidays has been spent socializing. There have been multiple dinners, drinks, etc., with friends and family, and my “dance card” has been a lot more full than I initially thought. It’s nice to visit with everyone, especially the folks I only see around the holidays, but it’s also been cutting into my couch-time, which I’d planned to have a lot of, too. Oh well, that’s something for 2007, I guess. I’ve also fallen behind on finding links for you. Sorry about that.

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