22. December, 2006 - White Christmas?


We finally got some snow. Of course it fell during the day yesterday, meaning that the trip home from work, and then the trip to Uptown to get my hairs cut were both more interesting than I’d have liked, but it’s nice to have some white covering up the dirt and dead grass. And if the forecasters are vaguely right, it might even stick around for Christmas. That’s a nice touch. There’s supposed to be a bit more today, which will further snarl traffic, but will also hopefully put down enough snow that it’ll stick.

Yesterday was also the work pot-luck lunch. Went pretty well, and I did my jambalaya for the second year in a row. People enjoyed it, and it was maybe even better received than last year’s version. Plus I made so much that I still have two quarts of it left, which are now tucked into the freezer for when I’m too lazy to do some “real cooking.”

And finally the picture on the right (or above, depending on how wide you have your browser window set). It was taken with my new cell phone, which has a camera. It turned out okay, I think, and is just the reason I wanted to get a phone that had a camera, since I don’t feel like carrying the DSLR around all the time, but things sometimes just happen that I want to capture. The phone is a Motorola KRZR, and I’m relatively happy with it. The complaints? Well, the camera includes no EXIF data with the pictures taken (unless there’s a preference I haven’t found), the shiny front cover gets fingerprinted incredibly easily, and there’s a bit of a shortage of stupid games for it. I might fix the EXIF problem with some scripts, I guess, and the stupid-game shortage will work itself out, I expect, so I think I’ll be pretty happy with it in the long run.

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