15. December, 2006 - keep your stick on the ice (if you can find any)

Another busy week up here at the lodge. On the work front, there’s an unprecendented public beta which has meant extra stress around the office. Not a ton, since I try pretty hard not to write shitty code, but as Dave has said more than once, We make shitty software. With bugs. And that’s really all I want to say about that for now.

On the home front, I’ve been trying to just keep it together. It’s not that life is particularly challenging, more that I’ve been more than usually incompetant about keeping up with the daily grind (see the previous paragraph for a hint about why that might be). There’s invoices to be sent out for the biz before year end (yes Andy, I’ll get you your invoice soon), plus clients I’m going to try and let down gently. On the web-hosting front, Dreamhost has a 100% Non-profit Discount on webhosting, which means that about half of the websites I host really should move over there. I just can’t figure out hot to break that news to them.

Plus there’s something like a metric assload of other complications. Some good. Some bad. Some that I haven’t figured out yet. On the good front, the squishycow might actually get that date with Snow Globe Chip. On the bad front, it might take until May.

But then given the way the weather has been here lately, I’ve been thinking maybe it’s May already. Jebus H. Christmas on a spit, but fifty degrees at this time of year? I’m starting to think Al Freakin’ Gore might have a point after all. Or at least I would if I wasn’t sure he was smoking something that grows a whole lot better on a warmer planet. Or of which there’s a giant stalk of it up his butt. Or perhaps it’s ash. He’s too stiff for that pole to be hemp.

But hey, if I was going to libel ex-politicians, I’d be here all day, and I need to wrap this up and get my sorry butt to bed. I’m nearly out of Fish Head music for the evening, and it’s Ram Jam after the Rads in the playlist, and frankly, I don’t think I can go there tonight without having a complete musical (and mental) meltdown, so I need to wrap this up before that happens.

Hey, have a good weekend. I plan to. Even if I do have to buy Old Milwaukee to get the returnable bottles I promised to Chip’s escort.

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