4. December, 2006 - getting close

To the end of the year, with all that means. In my case, the added goodness this year is trying to wrap up the business stuff. I’ve mostly shut down the business, and I’m hoping that this is the last year I’ll have to worry about unemployment and workman’s comp insurance, withholding, or 90% of the headaches that come with having employees. Once that’s out of the way, I’m going to think about sending notices to my hosting customers, suggesting they find someone else to host their websites. Probably after the first of the year, though.

It’s also getting close to Christmas. Once again, I’m pretty much done with shopping, except for finding something for mom. I just don’t know what to get, since the usual idea of slippers or something comfy like that didn’t seem to pan out last year. Mom got the slippers, and they disappeared before my next visit. Sigh. I don’t know whether someone else there grabbed ’em, or mom just stashed ’em away, but in either case, that plan didn’t work so well.

The weekend? Busy it was. Friday was a friend’s 50th birthday party. Saturday was Randy’s Ordination and his going-away party. He leaves this morning for the left coast. Sunday, I got through five of the six things on my list for stuff around the house, leaving only the “invoices and business bills” undone. I’ll tackle those some evening this week, and at that point will have mostly wrapped up the year for business.

Next on the list is Christmas cards. It’s tough to get excited about sending them out without snow on the ground, but there’s a little dusting this morning. Maybe that’ll be the jump-start I need. Actually, it probably would, if I didn’t have to stay late at work this evening for a meeting. Speaking of which, I guess I’d better get moving. I’ve got plenty to do today at work, including preparing for that meeting, so it’s time to get started on it. Have a great week.

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