November 2006

29. November, 2006 - month-end

Another month is coming to an end, and I realized I haven’t been posting much. The problem lately hasn’t been finding things to link to, but rather putting together words to go with the links. Between being busy at work, the frenzy of a holiday weekend, and a few evenings with more beers consumed than was perhaps wise, I just haven’t been in a writing mood.

I was in a picture-taking mood last weekend though. The photowalk was a nice diversion on Saturday evening, as was going to a couple gun shows with a cow-orker earlier in the day on Saturday. There were only two things that tempted me at the shows. The first was a CZ-52, but there were three of them, none in great condition, and I ended up passing on ’em. Then there was a reproduction Sharps 45-120 (the Quigley gun), but at $1500, I figured I’d pass. Especially since there really isn’t any place I could shoot it until next spring, anyhow. But it shore was purty.

And that’s pretty much the news. This coming weekend is already jam-packed with stuff, since a friend is getting ordained on Saturday, and another friend has a birthday. And I’m probably forgetting something else, too. Seeya in December sometime.

20. November, 2006 - short week

Let’s see… not much news in the last week. Dinner club at Babani’s last Thursday, and the Auto Body at O’Gara’s on Saturday. The former was good food, but bad parking due to construction. The latter was better attended than I expected, which made for some parking hassles, but it was good to see some folks I haven’t seen in a while. Beyond that, the rest of the week and weekend were just okay. Nothing notable really.

This week is a short one. Yay! No big plans for me for the weekend, except the Saturday evening photowalk I’ve organized. Sounds like the weather might not be too bad for that. And a bunch of little projects around the house that have been waiting for me to get into a project-tackling mood. This might just be the weekend for it.

12. November, 2006 - tired

Not especially physically, but psychicly. And mostly tired due to my presence on teh intarwebs. I just spent almost four hours trying to get this update put together, and back up my server so I can start adding a database for a client and have a clean pre-database-creation backup in case I’m an idiot in the process.

Along the way, I also cleaned out the email, deleting a thousands of spams and updating the spam-blocking software that runs on my Mac. And just a whole bunch of other random crap that I wouldn’t have to do if people weren’t generally assholes on the net. It ate my morning, and if it weren’t for having a bunch of links already piled up, this would be another completely lame update. As it is, it’s just half-assed. Don’t you feel lucky?

Similarly, if you’ve been waiting on an email reply from me, it’s not the I hate you. It’s just that the few hours I’ve spent at the computer at home lately have been dealing with that sort of crap, and as a result I’ve fallen way behind in my replies. I’m hoping to catch up sometime soon…

6. November, 2006 - elections tomorrow

Elections are tomorrow here in the US. That’s making for a certain amount of noise that I just haven’t been paying much attention to. Still not even sure if I’m going to vote. But if you are, here’s a quick bit of information on the transportation amendment that’s on the ballot in MN, and some more tools for voters that you might find useful.

The weekend, it was just gosh-darned nice. Saturday was the flickr walk with a big turnout, and lots of pictures by folks. Then I came home and put the bagger on the lawnmower and got all the leaves off the lawn. I’m sure my neighbor appreciates that, since they won’t blow onto her lawn for her to rake now. Then it was the monthly card-game that I host, and to bed. Sunday, I’d planned to head up for lunch with mom, but I was still coughing and sneezing and feared I might still be contagious, so I stayed home, uploaded the pictures to flickr, and then relaxed through what remained of the day.

The weather’s supposed to be gosh-darned nice again the next few days, and I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to keep my mind on the work I’m supposed to be completing this week. And then maybe we get snow on the weekend. That’s Minnesota for you.

2. November, 2006 - He voted for Torture
He voted for Torture
He voted for Torture

Neil Alexander in New Hampshire had an excellent idea about campaign signs for this election cycle after getting mad that all four elected representatives from New Hampshire had voted to overturn habeas corpus and authorize torture. I don't think there's time for me to replicate the idea here, but a few of my readers might be able to pull something off in time…. Click the image for more.

Thanks for Claire for pointing it out.

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