29. November, 2006 - month-end

Another month is coming to an end, and I realized I haven’t been posting much. The problem lately hasn’t been finding things to link to, but rather putting together words to go with the links. Between being busy at work, the frenzy of a holiday weekend, and a few evenings with more beers consumed than was perhaps wise, I just haven’t been in a writing mood.

I was in a picture-taking mood last weekend though. The photowalk was a nice diversion on Saturday evening, as was going to a couple gun shows with a cow-orker earlier in the day on Saturday. There were only two things that tempted me at the shows. The first was a CZ-52, but there were three of them, none in great condition, and I ended up passing on ’em. Then there was a reproduction Sharps 45-120 (the Quigley gun), but at $1500, I figured I’d pass. Especially since there really isn’t any place I could shoot it until next spring, anyhow. But it shore was purty.

And that’s pretty much the news. This coming weekend is already jam-packed with stuff, since a friend is getting ordained on Saturday, and another friend has a birthday. And I’m probably forgetting something else, too. Seeya in December sometime.

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