12. November, 2006 - tired

Not especially physically, but psychicly. And mostly tired due to my presence on teh intarwebs. I just spent almost four hours trying to get this update put together, and back up my server so I can start adding a database for a client and have a clean pre-database-creation backup in case I’m an idiot in the process.

Along the way, I also cleaned out the email, deleting a thousands of spams and updating the spam-blocking software that runs on my Mac. And just a whole bunch of other random crap that I wouldn’t have to do if people weren’t generally assholes on the net. It ate my morning, and if it weren’t for having a bunch of links already piled up, this would be another completely lame update. As it is, it’s just half-assed. Don’t you feel lucky?

Similarly, if you’ve been waiting on an email reply from me, it’s not the I hate you. It’s just that the few hours I’ve spent at the computer at home lately have been dealing with that sort of crap, and as a result I’ve fallen way behind in my replies. I’m hoping to catch up sometime soon…

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