6. November, 2006 - elections tomorrow

Elections are tomorrow here in the US. That’s making for a certain amount of noise that I just haven’t been paying much attention to. Still not even sure if I’m going to vote. But if you are, here’s a quick bit of information on the transportation amendment that’s on the ballot in MN, and some more tools for voters that you might find useful.

The weekend, it was just gosh-darned nice. Saturday was the flickr walk with a big turnout, and lots of pictures by folks. Then I came home and put the bagger on the lawnmower and got all the leaves off the lawn. I’m sure my neighbor appreciates that, since they won’t blow onto her lawn for her to rake now. Then it was the monthly card-game that I host, and to bed. Sunday, I’d planned to head up for lunch with mom, but I was still coughing and sneezing and feared I might still be contagious, so I stayed home, uploaded the pictures to flickr, and then relaxed through what remained of the day.

The weather’s supposed to be gosh-darned nice again the next few days, and I’m sure it’s going to be difficult to keep my mind on the work I’m supposed to be completing this week. And then maybe we get snow on the weekend. That’s Minnesota for you.

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