29. October, 2006 - spring ahead, fall down

Daylight savings hit me this morning. Woke up, and as I’ve done in previous years, was out of bed before realizing that an extra hour had gotten stuffed into the night. Not that it really mattered. I spent the weekend as I did much of the week, wandering around home (or laying on the couch, watching bad TV) in a cold-fueled haze, with nights literally out cold thanks to the healing powers of Nyquil.

I came down with the cold last Tuesday, and headed home from work about noon. Spent Tuesday and Wednesday at home, and then back to work on Thursday and Friday. And paid for it again on the weekend. I really should have taken more time off from work, but I managed to get a few things done there that needed doing, and most of the chores around home are the sort of thing that can be postponed for a while longer. At least the end is in sight. Colds generally run about a week, so I’m looking forward to Tuesday. Meanwhile, I continue to shuffle around the house, feeling as though my head is stuffed with soggy cotton, and occassionally bursting into a coughing fit as congestion drains into my throat, making me feel as though I was drowning.

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