21. October, 2006 - Zappafied

Things are maybe calming down a bit around here finally. This looks like the last fully booked weekend for a while, and that’s a good feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the various things occupying my time, but there’s just been a lot of it, it seems. Coupled with busy times at work, it’s all left me very ready for some time off.

Went to see Zappa Plays Zappa last night. Apparently this confuses some of my friends who, knowing of my fondness for simpler music, and that if I'm listening to something with three guitarists trading licks, their names are more likely to be Betts, Allman or Van Zant, Rossington and Collins than Vai or Zappa, were surprised that I would want to spend $60 to listen to three hours of difficult music. But I was there with three musicians (Auto Body Experience guys), all of whom were big fans, and I knew enough to know that I’d probably enjoy the show (and heck, Lowell George used to be a Mother), but not to have too many expectations up front. And I did enjoy the show. I’m not about to pack all my belongings into a 1967 VW Microbus (what would the right vehicle be to follow Zappa? An Edsel? A Corvair? Or perhaps one of those Avantis?) and follow the band from concert to concert, but if Dweezil and company are still playing Frank’s music in a couple years, and stop by Minneapolis again, I’ll be up for it.

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