16. October, 2006 - weekend update

Saw Mark and Sara get married on Saturday. Good ceremony and reception, and I hung with the “Sunday Night Crowd” for both. Took my camera, but discovered they’d hired a photographer, so I let the professional do his work, and only tried one picture which wasn’t to my liking.

Sunday was supposed to be a trip to mom’s, but I had a couple errands I needed to run and they ended up eating the entire day. Oops. I did get to reinforce my dislike for Home Depot again. When you’re shopping at the big orange box, and looking for something that should be in the department you’re standing in, but isn’t, the people working there tend to send you clear to the other end of the store thinking it might be there (and to get you out of their hair). At Mill’s Fleet Farm, the thing you’re looking for is in the right department, and the helpful people will walk you right to the item. Or tell you we don’t have that, but the latter almost never happens. Yeah, Fleet-Farm might be “Target for the Jackpine Savages,” but there are times when that’s exactly what I need. And they have jeans that fit me right there on the shelf, too.

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