8. October, 2006 - warm weekend

Frozen Puddle
Frozen Puddle

Happy Sunday. I didn’t update during the week last week, mostly because I’ve been way behind on the link-finding lately. Wouldn’t have updated today if it weren’t for some news I wanted to share about that photo over on the right.

I’m officially declaring that the weather has been weird this year. July and August were swapped around temperature-wise, and now it seems September and October are, as well. In the first case, July was much hotter and muggier, and August seemed pretty reasonable by comparison. September had me worrying about freezes, and now October is (so far at least), more like September normally is. I suspect that’s going to change later this week, since we might actually get a freeze Thursday morning, but it’s meant that I hurried to get all the outdoors work done for the season last month, and now don’t have an excuse to get outside on these nice days. Instead, there are things I need to do indoors.

Top of the list now is my spare bedroom. Last fall, I was trying to finish up the main bedroom, which I’m now occupying. This fall, I want to get the other one emptied out, take out the carpeting and see what’s under it, and then turn the room into an office/library. The biggest hurry is that I want to be able to open the windows when I’m tearing out the carpeting, but I still have to get all the stuff out of there first. And I haven’t had as much time for that as I’d like lately. The pace is picking up at work, and my weekends are booked full all through this month, and November’s already starting to fill in. My plan has been to try and pack up one box of stuff, or move a half-dozen already filled boxes or one piece of furniture out of there every evening after work. But I haven’t been doing that every evening, and there’s also some amount of sokoban going on, since I don’t have places to put everything without cleaning other rooms first.

I guess there’s not any huge hurry, though. Yes, it’d be nice to get the bookshelves up in there so I can move my books out of my basement, but at this point, they’ll be fine down there through the winter. I just worry about them during the summer months when it can get pretty humid down there.

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