2. October, 2006 - excellent weekend

Indeed it was. Beautiful weather, a gun show where I dropped less than a Jackson (but had temptation to spend a whole lot more), and skipped nearly everything else that was available for my amusement. Instead I worked inside and outside the house, getting the garden cleared out (and harvesting the last dozen peppers), mowing the lawn, grinding up six pounds of breakfast sausage, cleaning the garage, and then re-reading a book I enjoy.

I took exactly one photo over the weekend, and haven’t even pulled it off the camera yet. Gotta do that by Wednesday. The weather was beautiful enough over the weekend, and it is the season of colorful trees, which made me feel somewhat bad for not wandering around and taking pictures, but that was counterbalanced by how good taking naps on both Saturday and Sunday made me feel.

Which leads to my big observation from the weekend. When someone asks what I miss most about working for myself, I now have the answer. And that answer is “naps.”

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