29. September, 2006 - a decent week

It’s been a pretty decent week around here. Not a great week, but definitely not a bad one, either. I’ve been making slow but reasonably steady progress on the projects around the house, and similarly steady progress at work all week. Nothing is getting done ahead of schedule, but nothing seems to be falling behind schedule, either. I think I’ll put this week in the “win” column.

I even took an evening off on Wednesday to hang at the local watering hole, and it was the right night to do that. Jona was in town, and I hung out with her and Chris for the evening, and I always like seeing her, so that was good.

It’s another weekend with few moments of down-time. Tonight and tomorrow night, Cousin Dad is playing at Dulono’s. Margaret’s showing is also tonight. Tomorrow and Sunday there’s a gun show at the Fairgrounds. And I might even try to haul the camera outside if the weather’s decent and take a picture or two. Plenty to do and I just need to figure out how it all fits together. Oh yeah, there’s also the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday, and I thought I might wander over there to cheer on Seigo, but with the Saints going to Japan, I’m not positive if he’s running on Sunday or not. I guess he probably is, since they don’t leave until Monday.

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