25. September, 2006 - odds ’n’ ends

As Red Green says, Real big week up here at the Lodge this week. Work has ramped up a bit, and every time the social calendar looks like it might clear, something new comes up to fill the void. It’s not that I’m complaining, since I enjoyed most of it, but there hasn’t been quite as much “unstructured time” (read that as “laying on the couch sucking at the glass teat”) as I might like.

Friday night was our annual debauch at Gasthof. It went well, except for the part where the gal who was going to join us didn’t call me until after I was there, and then called my phone at home, rather than the one in my pants. Drat. Good thing we’re going back in a couple weeks, so maybe I can actually give her all the information she’ll need to be able to join us.

Freedom Park, USA
Freedom Park, USA

Saturday was spent trying to clean up things around home enough that I could host the card game that had materialized due to a friend being in town. Nothing major, since the hangover precluded a full-on cleaning spree, and the ucky weather outside kept my energy level low, too, but I did manage to cross a few of the “fall cleaning” items off my list. As for the cards, a good time was had by all, and it was darned good to see Dr. Aaron again.

Sunday: trip to mom’s, lunch & shopping. And then, since I’d noticed that a big chunk of 35W southbound was single-lane (road constriction season isn’t quite done yet), and because it was a beautiful day, I took the long way home, and caught the picture you see over to the right there. I’ve driven past this little park in Braham a few times, but the big poofy clouds that had formed while I was with mom made it a better view than usual, so I stopped and snapped the picture. No pretty pictures of turning leaves. There were chunks of them, but nothing really caught my eye.

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