16. September, 2006 - wet weekend

Rainy and gloomy around here again. There’s bits and pieces of rain in the weather for the forseeable future. Earlier in the week, I thought that might be a good thing, since it would encourage me to stick inside during the time I was home this weekend, and maybe make some progress on one of the dozen or so projects I want to tackle. But as it turns out, it just makes me sneeze and want to take a benadryl and a nap.

I stayed home from work yesterday and Thursday, too. (For which activity, I can’t recommend The Tick vs. Season One enough.) Not sure if it’s an actual cold, or just the allergies getting out of hand, but I felt like crud, and just couldn’t bear going to work.

Backing up even further, on Wednesday night, before I felt cruddy, I was at the local watering hole, and noticed a new gal in the place. Since she’d sat down right next to me, it was hard not to. Turns out she was the sexiest gal I’ve met in a long time.

She had the kind of sexy that reaches out and grabs your crotch, and just when you think it’s going to be one of those sleazy, “bad touch” grabs (which I’ve been on both sides of more than a time or two), turns into the velvet soft stroking of an ex-lover that leaves you aroused and stupid, and meanwhile she hasn’t even touched you, or barely looked at you.

When that didn’t seem to produce the desired effect (which took a major effort), she switched off the sexy, and told me tales of her youth, which were pretty messed up. Not sure if it was supposed to arouse sympathy, but it did. When she called it a night, I gave her a friendly hug, and then sat for another beer to regain my composure before heading home.

The upshot of it all is that I’m vaguely worried about going back and running into her again. I’m pretty sure if she turned her mind-melting lust-ray my way again, I’d be waking up with a white picket fence and boardwalk on the house at the edge of town. And perhaps more worrisome, I’m not sure that’d be a bad thing, even when she ran off with that guitar player who sure could play.

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