12. September, 2006 - bleh

Yesterday was just a dark and gloomy day all around. There’s supposed to be a break in the weather tomorrow, but there’s a definite feel of fall in the air, even if I’m not going to take the air-conditioners out of the windows just yet.

My wireless access point was flaking out last night (or my PowerBook was). The AP’s running the latest firmward available, and I’m wondering if either it’s just getting old (perhaps overheating from being full of cobwebs and dust), or maybe someone moved into the neighborhood with some device that’s interfering. In any case, it would kick me off the wireless about every five minutes, and then wait for long enough before letting me back on that I was getting very frustrated just trying to do my evening web-surfing. I think today will see a trip to the Apple Store for a new base-station.

Work was gloomy, too. Rather than finishing up a longer-term project I’m in the middle of, I spent the day chasing bugs, some of which I wrote, and some of which have been around forever, but which fall on me to fix. Yes, it’s satisfying tackling bugs, but I worry about the longer-term stuff, since that needs to get done, too. I guess it’s a good thing the Saints season is done, since it’s looking like I may have some long days to put in soon.

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