10. September, 2006 - dag-nab-it

Well, the Saints, for the first time in their history (at least the modern incarnation) lost the championship at home today. Fort Worth was the better team, and they proved it in the mist at Midway today. I’m sad that the Saints lost, but happy that they made it as far as they did. Looking at the team at the end of the second half, I was surprised they made the playoffs at all, but when they did, I was happy and hopeful that they’d go all the way. Today, reality came crashing back in, and they lost to the Cats.

And that’s the end of baseball for me this year. I hear the Twins are doing okay, but I just can’t get interested in Major League Baseball. I’m still somewhat bitter over the strike in 1994, and that colors my vision of MLB.

The good thing to come out of the end of the season (besides all the free time I’ll have) is that when we were at Ol’ Mexico drowning our sorrows, I noticed that someone was playing trivia as HOSARD, and it turns out that it was Rondo and Reynaud, who were there for the first day of NFL season. If you don’t know them, they’re both MECCies (note, one of you ought to go flesh out that Wikipedia entry), and we had a great time talking about all the people we knew and haven’t seen for umpty-billion years.

Anyway, once I was done with that, I headed home, and took most of the tailgating paraphenalia out of the truck for the year, and here I am, typing at you. It was a darned good season for the Saints, but I’m still sad that they didn’t win it all. There’s a lot more I could type about the season, but I need to save something for the next update, which will hopefully happen sooner than you expect, given my horrible schedule during the summer.

Oh, and to all you spammers hitting here, thank you for telling me what a nice site I have, but please, cordially, fuck off. I now have time to think up new ways to make life more difficult for you, and it seems that needs to be a higher priority than finding new links for my regular readers. 200k of crap in my set of new links, and I know I had two or three things in there that would have made most of you happy, but it was buried in all the crap (not unlike an announcement of a new player at Midway amidst the constant noise from Andy playing with his organ, so I lost all the good linkage I would normally be providing. Sorry folks. Kick a spammer, and make baby Jesus smile!

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