24. July, 2006 - something

One thing I’ve noticed about doing less-frequent updates around here is that when I do try to write something, even if it’s a simple I’m still alive post, it’s more difficult. The creative juices have been stagnating, more than flowing, and it’s tough to get them moving again.

The worst part is that there’s actually been a fair amount of what I believe the scientists call “crap” going on around here lately, and at least one of my half-dozen readers would probably like to hear about it, but I just don’t have the urge to put any of it down here in words. There’s a short example below, and let’s just say that it’s fairly typical of how things have been going. Things work out in the end, but like eating a bean burrito with Guatamalan Insanity Pepper sauce, it’s more likely due to some inevitable physical process than any intelligent action on my part.

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