16. July, 2006 - catching up

Well, it’s been a pretty good weekend. I think everything is in order for that website a client has been wanting for a while. Got a good man on the job. We’ll see how they like the results tomorrow morning, but I’m no longer worrying about getting it done (or rather, worrying about not having it done). I also finished typing up my vacation notes (link below). I still need to pay the bills that accumulated last week, but since I’m in a webby kind of groove, I figured I’d update here as well.

And that’s about it for the weekend. It was pretty darned hot outside. Or so I hear. I spent the whole time inside with my air conditioning. A couple movies were watched. I made a little progress in the history book I’ve been reading since getting back from Austria (not related, it was just next in the queue), and I did a load of dishes and a few other minor domestic tasks. No trip to mom’s. No Saints games. No nothing outside the house. And it was an excellent weekend. I wish I had more like this. Or that this weekend had a few more days in it.

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