4. July, 2006 - a good weekend, with punctuation

Well, it’s been a pretty darned good weekend. I got all the tasks I’d set before myself done except for the website for the client from last year. Plus I even showed up to work and put in a half-day yesterday. And the website’ll get done. Just Not Quite Yet. I figure after an eight-month delay by the client, if it takes me an extra week or two to finish it off, that’s probably not the end of the world. Or if they don’t like the delay, they can give the job to someone else. Maybe not the most business-savvy attitude, but I don’t think I ever claimed to have that… I feel a little bad about not getting the site done, but that’s well tempered by the day I had today.

I started off this morning with a visit to Mom. She had a lunchtime barbecue to go to, so I was up early, and out early, dropping off the bottle of brandy that will last her and her roommate the next couple weeks of (prescribed by the doctor, donchaknow) evening cocktails. Then it was home for lunch and to mow the lawn, followed by a nap while I watered the new sod that was looking a little dry and sad. When I woke up two hours later, the sod was soaked, and it was time to water the garden and the sod in the back yard. Pretty exciting, eh? Well, with that out of the way, I continued with the busy day, eating dinner, and then spent the evening out on my new (well, new-ish) patio, surrounded by my freshly-mown-lawn, with a six-pack of beer, and a newish Dortmunder book (which was, as usual, excellent — kudos to Don Westlake yet again), while watching the neighbors come, go, and set off various bits of fireworks in the alley.

At the moment, I’m feeling pretty darned mellow. Today was more relaxing than the entire time I spent on vacation, and I actually felt like powering up the computer to type this before calling it a day. Tomorrow it’s back to the grind, but for now, I’m a pretty darned happy camper. I hope your independence day was as fruitful and independent as mine. Seeya when I have something more to say.

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