June 2006 full listing

26. June, 2006 - micro-update

Just another quick note to update after yesterday’s note about my schedule. The real problem with trying to update regularly at the moment is that I realized while on vacation that there were an awful lot of things that I was feeling obligated to do every day, blogging included, that were no longer feeling especially fun. They’d taken on the feeling of work, and it just ain’t right when hobbies start feeling like work.

So I expect things around here will be lighter for a while. As you can see by this posting, even when I intend to take some time off, there will be times when I have something to say, and it’ll end up here, but I’m going to do it when I feel the need to post, rather than on some calendar-based schedule.

25. June, 2006 -- home again

Yeah, I took a vacation during my break from posting. Spent a week in Austria dodging heat-waves and GWBush’s Secret Service while just trying to be a tourist. I’m sure there are a lot of stories I want to tell about it, but not just today. Heck, I haven’t even pulled the pictures out of the camera yet, so it’s going to be a while before the words that go with them start to flow.

I’m still not sure about my schedule around here. I’m expecting “sporadic, at best” is not an inaccurate description, though. Sorry if that bothers you. But I don’t really know what I’m going to feel like posting and when. Heck, I spent eight days without touching a computer during my vacation, and I liked it. I’m not even sure when I’m going to bother powering up my home computer again.

12. June, 2006 - tired

Still busy. Still tired. The weekend was as full as expected, and most of it was fun. No rainbow photos, and only a few from PeTA night that I haven’t even pulled into the computer yet. But yesterday turned into a beautiful day, in spite of the forecasts and a bit of noon-time rain, so that was happy-making.

I managed to pull a bunch of weeds from the new grass yesterday morning before heading out to the game. And the sprinklers are in and cover the tomato and pepper plants with their life-giving spray of treated river water. There’s mulch down in between the plants so I hopefully won’t have to weed (or water) quite as often, thanks to my efforts yesterday evening. And the grass has been mowed, so I don’t have the longest grass on the block. The yard, it’s almost in good shape, I think. Mostly watering and mowing from here out, which is where I want to be when the weather heats up.

Inside the house, things are more of a wreck, but that only bugs me, so I figure I can let things slide a bit more. And if the extra cardboard boxes piled up for recycling that have been sitting around since Christmas sit for a few weeks more, they won’t die like the plants would. And I can tackle those indoor tasks while basking in air-conditioned splendor later in the summer, right? Right.

Yes, I’m definitely committing adulthood here. And homeownership. And probably a few other sins. It disappoints me a bit, but I guess being responsible isn’t all bad. There’s some satisfaction when things are done, and hey, it’s keeping me out of trouble. Right?

Have a great week.

9. June, 2006 - busy weekend

It’s been a busy week around here. I spent most of the evenings this week playing with plants. And sprinklers. And mulch. But the landscaping out front is in pretty good condition for the summer, and as long as I remember to turn on the hose periodically (and move it before mowing the lawn), I should be in good shape there. Tomatoes and peppers are in the vegetable garden, and there are sprinklers and mulch for that in the garage, but I have no idea when I’ll get that set up. The plan was to do that yesterday evening, but I just collapsed on the couch for an hour before going to bed early, instead.

Maybe I’ll get to it on Sunday evening. You see, this is another busy summer weekend. The Saints are back in town after a long road-trip, and I’ll be spending some time in St. Paul this weekend. Plus there’s a trip to Mom’s and other miscellany. After losing most of my couch-time during the week to gardening, I’m almost hoping tonight’s game will be a rain-out, so I can reacquaint my couch cushions with my backside. But it’s very likely I’ll be in St. Paul.

after the rain
after the rain
(image on flickr)

Had another Mark Stenglein sighting last night. We were both at UPS waiting for packages. Weird. I don’t think I’d ever seen the guy in person before, but suddenly twice in one week he’s been somewhere I was. It’s almost like a politician was trying to insinuate himself into my consciousness. How weird is that?

And I think that’s going to do it for the week. I’ve got to go pack the cooler full of beer and food for tonight’s game, haul it out to the truck, and then head off to work for the day. Maybe I’ll have some neat rain and rainbow pictures from the game, but for now, I’ll leave you with one from three weeks ago. Have a swell weekend, and I’ll probably see you on Monday with tales of how little I did during my busy weekend.

05. June, 2006 - Guns, Market, Beer and Photoshop

On Saturday, Jim & I headed out for adventures. First on the list was the Midtown Global Market. We both took cameras, but when we got there a few minutes to eleven, the market wasn’t actually open yet, since the politicians were still yammering on about something or other as part of the grand opening celebration. So we headed across the street to visit Mark at his gun shop. It was a fairly short visit, but Mark Stenglein was there talking to Mark and we got introduced. Seems like a nice enough guy, even though we disagree on the baseball stadium. I really need to work on my tyrant-confrontation skills, though. Rather than ask him What gives you the right to steal money from me to give it to Carl Pohlad? or even a simple Sic semper tyrannis! I made a lame and easily refuted comment about the sales tax. Tsk.

Then it was in to the market. We’d been hoping for some photo opportunities, but with the big crowds, we figured it was better to come back some other time. Instead we walked across Lake Street to lunch at Carne Asada (which claimed to have their own website, but I can’t find it now). The food was tasty and it was nice to have a beer while we pondered our next step.

And that next step was a run out to Blue Max Liquors in Burnsville. Was it a long way to go for beer? Yes it was. Was it worth it? Well, I bought $65 worth of goodies (four six-packs, a case of Leinie, and a bottle of brandy for mom), and Jim bought two fancy beers (it’s worth the $6 per bottle) and a six-pack. And yes, they truly do have a stunning number of beers. They even carry the hard-to-find Tusker, but given the high price, I passed on that. For this visit.

I had planned to do some work on the garden and terrace in front of my house on Saturday afternoon, but the weather had heated up enough that I decided against it. Instead I got a few smaller tasks done around the house. The evening was taken up by the monthly card session, which saw the last of the guests leaving after sun-up. For some reason Sunday wasn’t terribly productive after that, and that finds me here.

Today, rather than heading in to the office, there’s a Photoshop for Photographers seminar downtown I’m going to be attending. I’m told it should be interesting and useful to me, but I’ve also got bunches of stuff to do at work, and feel vaguely guilty about not heading in to the office.

2. June, 2006 - it used to work fine

Short week this week. Felt longer than it was, mostly because of a problem I was fighting at work. I reorganized some code, making no changes that should have changed its behavior (aka refactoring), and suddenly the code quit working. After a couple of days of pounding my head against that, I discovered that there was a field in a structure that hadn’t ever been initialized, and by setting it up correctly, everything worked fine again. But it had never been set up correctly, so I’m still not sure how the old code ever worked.

Imagine coming out to start your car some morning after you’d washed it, only to discover that it won’t start and you’re late for work. When the mechanic finally arrives, he points out that the problem is that you’re missing a wheel, and when he puts on the spare, your car suddenly starts and runs fine. That’s the kind of thing I deal with far too often.


The photo? Last Sunday’s fireworks at the Saints game. I shot around 80 photos, and four turned out well enough that I posted them to flickr. This is the most popular of the lot.

I find myself somewhat confused by the popularity thing on flickr. Most of my photos don’t really get a lot of attention, but I tell myself that’s as much due to the fact that I don’t send them to a zillion groups and generally attention-whore myself as anything. But I’m still surprised that some of the ones I like most are not the ones that other folks seem to like. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep taking pictures I like, and if they happen to be popular, great. And if not, I guess I’ll learn to live with obscurity, much like I’ve done with this website. I’m hardly a member of the “A-list”, but I still keep plugging along.

And that, plus a quick reminder that this evening is the Pratt Ice Cream Social, which is the one time of the year when the witches hat tower in Prospect Park is open to the public, will do it for this week, I think. Have a great weekend.

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