25. June, 2006 -- home again

Yeah, I took a vacation during my break from posting. Spent a week in Austria dodging heat-waves and GWBush’s Secret Service while just trying to be a tourist. I’m sure there are a lot of stories I want to tell about it, but not just today. Heck, I haven’t even pulled the pictures out of the camera yet, so it’s going to be a while before the words that go with them start to flow.

I’m still not sure about my schedule around here. I’m expecting “sporadic, at best” is not an inaccurate description, though. Sorry if that bothers you. But I don’t really know what I’m going to feel like posting and when. Heck, I spent eight days without touching a computer during my vacation, and I liked it. I’m not even sure when I’m going to bother powering up my home computer again.

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