12. June, 2006 - tired

Still busy. Still tired. The weekend was as full as expected, and most of it was fun. No rainbow photos, and only a few from PeTA night that I haven’t even pulled into the computer yet. But yesterday turned into a beautiful day, in spite of the forecasts and a bit of noon-time rain, so that was happy-making.

I managed to pull a bunch of weeds from the new grass yesterday morning before heading out to the game. And the sprinklers are in and cover the tomato and pepper plants with their life-giving spray of treated river water. There’s mulch down in between the plants so I hopefully won’t have to weed (or water) quite as often, thanks to my efforts yesterday evening. And the grass has been mowed, so I don’t have the longest grass on the block. The yard, it’s almost in good shape, I think. Mostly watering and mowing from here out, which is where I want to be when the weather heats up.

Inside the house, things are more of a wreck, but that only bugs me, so I figure I can let things slide a bit more. And if the extra cardboard boxes piled up for recycling that have been sitting around since Christmas sit for a few weeks more, they won’t die like the plants would. And I can tackle those indoor tasks while basking in air-conditioned splendor later in the summer, right? Right.

Yes, I’m definitely committing adulthood here. And homeownership. And probably a few other sins. It disappoints me a bit, but I guess being responsible isn’t all bad. There’s some satisfaction when things are done, and hey, it’s keeping me out of trouble. Right?

Have a great week.

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