2. June, 2006 - it used to work fine

Short week this week. Felt longer than it was, mostly because of a problem I was fighting at work. I reorganized some code, making no changes that should have changed its behavior (aka refactoring), and suddenly the code quit working. After a couple of days of pounding my head against that, I discovered that there was a field in a structure that hadn’t ever been initialized, and by setting it up correctly, everything worked fine again. But it had never been set up correctly, so I’m still not sure how the old code ever worked.

Imagine coming out to start your car some morning after you’d washed it, only to discover that it won’t start and you’re late for work. When the mechanic finally arrives, he points out that the problem is that you’re missing a wheel, and when he puts on the spare, your car suddenly starts and runs fine. That’s the kind of thing I deal with far too often.


The photo? Last Sunday’s fireworks at the Saints game. I shot around 80 photos, and four turned out well enough that I posted them to flickr. This is the most popular of the lot.

I find myself somewhat confused by the popularity thing on flickr. Most of my photos don’t really get a lot of attention, but I tell myself that’s as much due to the fact that I don’t send them to a zillion groups and generally attention-whore myself as anything. But I’m still surprised that some of the ones I like most are not the ones that other folks seem to like. I’m not sure exactly what it means, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to keep taking pictures I like, and if they happen to be popular, great. And if not, I guess I’ll learn to live with obscurity, much like I’ve done with this website. I’m hardly a member of the “A-list”, but I still keep plugging along.

And that, plus a quick reminder that this evening is the Pratt Ice Cream Social, which is the one time of the year when the witches hat tower in Prospect Park is open to the public, will do it for this week, I think. Have a great weekend.

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