30. May, 2006 - hot weekend

Felt like a busy weekend, even though not much got done. The oppressive heat had something to do with that. I got to see little details like the thermometer in my truck displaying a third digit (101 when I pulled out of the garage on the way to Sunday’s ball game), and was extremely happy I’d gotten one air conditioner installed on Friday evening (in my bedroom), and the other put in on Saturday before the day got too hot.

Retaining Wall
Retaining Wall

I had been planning to spend Sunday afternoon putting plants into the space between the new retaining walls in the front yard, but with the brutal temperatures, I stayed inside and napped instead. I had also planned on spending some time relaxing on the brand-spankin’ new patio in the backyard, but again, put it off for cooler days. I’m hoping I can do both sometime this week, perhaps in smaller chunks, rather than an all-day orgy of planting that would leave me disliking gardening.


Kudos to Jon and Drew from Finer Surroundings for the excellent work again. They modified my original ideas for both projects in a way that made me happy with the final result, and avoided flaws I hadn’t initially thought of. I recommend them again.

The Saints? Well, they lost two of three to the Fort Worth Cats. Not their best showing, and I guess I see why Fort Worth won their league championship last year. It was cool to get a copy of Twig’s Book, even if I didn’t start reading it until last night and then was up far too late. Some fireworks photos came out of Sunday night’s game. I’ll try to post them soon.

This week? Well, it’s a short week, but so far I’ve kept next weekend clear, so I’m hoping that I’ll have a chance to get caught up on the outside work, but if not, I’ve got a backup plan. As for photos, I’d really like to be able to post one a day for y’all, but I’m not sure what’s actually going to happen this week. If I don’t summon the energy and links, I guess I’ll see you in June.

Oh, one final thing. Back on Friday morning, I finally discovered what was causing my server to sometimes crash, and to often return weird “Internal Server Error” errors. It was a PHP script I’d written to auto-generate the sitemap, but my site has gotten so big that it was taking forever to run, and if someone called it a second or third time while the first one was still chugging along, it could crash the server. Ugh. I’ve disabled it for now, so things should be better behaved, but I’m going to have to put together a replacement one of these days, too.

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