16. May, 2006 - rainy opener

Rained at the Saints’ home opener last night. More on that later.

After the Rain
After the Rain

Another morning when I haven’t found much to link to. It’s becoming obvious even to me that I’ve been having more fun with the photography lately than the blogging, and for whatever reason I’m not blending them as well as I might. I’m not sure what the answer to the problem is, so bear with me over the next while as I figure it out. I’m thinking that it’s past time to either update my photo-handling code or switch to one o’ them real bits of blogging software or something.

Aw, heck. I dunno. I’ll probably keep plugging along as I have been, but with a full-time job, Saints games, and bunches of other things going on in my life now, I bet I cut back from the “every weekday morning” routine. There just aren’t enough hours some days.

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