4. May, 2006 - late again

Running late again today. Yesterday it didn’t rain, and the lawn had finally dried out enough that I was able to mow the lawn for the first time of the year. And in the process, stir up a bunch of grass mold, which I’m allergic to. So after a shower and an anti-histamine, I headed out for dinner and a couple beers. Slept soundly for eight solid hours when I got home, which has been something of a rarity lately.

Apple Blossoms 2
Apple Blossoms 2

The weather so far this May has felt more like April than April did. Pretty nice, other than the long patch of rain beginning last week, but I’d gotten used to daytime highs in the 70s, and now they’re in the 50s, which means maybe it’s not quite hawaiian shirt season after all. Dag-nabbit.

But the trees in the yard have been blooming, each in their turn. The crab-apple in front still has lots of flowers, and provides today’s picture again. And another tree that I don’t know what it is has just started blooming. It’s probably next in line for being a subject. Plus the ferns continue to change.

And this Saturday, the Saints play their first pre-season game for everyone. Today’s actually the first game, but it’s the kids-only game, during the day. Time to start sorting out all the tailgating equipment and getting it loaded up for the season. Hopefully this evening. I think I’d rather spend Saturday afternoon playing in the garden than looking for the tongs for the grill. Plus there’s the May Day Parade on Sunday. Are there baseball pictures in your future? Or will it be giant puppets? Find out next Monday!

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