3. May, 2006 - Wednesday already?

My computer clock and TiVo all seem to agree that it’s Wednesday this morning, but it sure doesn’t feel like it to me. Not sure what day of the week it actually feels like, but I’m not looking forward to the four hours of meetings scheduled for me at work today.

Even More Ferns
Even More Ferns

On the home front, I heard from the contractor again last night. Turns out the patio pavers I wanted don’t seem to be available anywhere locally, so we’re going with a poured and stamped patio. Yeah, it’ll be impermeable, and make more water runoff, but after spending a couple evenings trying to find the nice permeable, hexagonal pavers I was looking for, I’ve just given in. If it increases my sewer bill (which I think it will), so be it. There’s only so much a guy can do, and damnit, I’m going to have the patio ready for Memorial Day weekend, so we need to get started soon. Now I just need to pick the color they’re going to mix into the concrete, and wait for the ground to dry up a bit, and the project can begin.

Today’s picture? Even More Ferns. They’ve been growing at a crazy pace, and the same plant (or alien pod) looks vastly different from one day to the next, so I haven’t gotten bored with taking pictures of them yet. I might have to take more pictures of them this morning, too. Hopefully I’m not boring you any more with the pictures of ferns than I usually do with my writing.

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