2. May, 2006 - a sunny day?

Not an incredible amount of progress yesterday, but enough to make me feel better. I got a few of the most critical things done, put in a full day of work, and when I got home, met with the landscaping guys to pick out the blocks that will make up the retaining wall across the front of my yard. Still working on picking out the patio blocks, but hopefully that won’t be too bad. They’re going to get the work done before Memorial Day weekend, too. Schweet.

Apple Blossoms
Apple Blossoms

The rain, it’s started to feel unrelenting. But today we’re supposed to get a break, which will feel nice. The good thing about rainy weather is that colors look nicer, like the blossoms on the tree in my front yard. Strangely enough, it’s only the top of the tree that’s flowering, so I had to take pictures out of my bedroom window.

And once again, I’ve discovered that the squirrels in the back yard are pretty smart. The squirrel-proof bird-feeder cut way down on the number of times I had to refill the feeder until recently. I was wondering what trick they were using to get at the seeds, and saw a squirrel hanging upside-down from the roof of the feeder yesterday morning, so his weight wouldn’t close the little door that’s meant to keep the tree-rats out. I’m wondering if extending the roof on the bird-feeder might do the trick, or if I’m going to have to resort to more drastic measures. It’s not that I particularly hate the squirrels, but I’d much rather watch birds eating the bird-seed, and not have to refill the feeder every single day.

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