26. April, 2006 - hurried

Running a bit late this morning. Allergy season is in full swing, and an extra hour of shuteye just seemed like a darned good idea this morning.


Ferns again, this time in color. I actually spent an awful lot of time on this picture with photoshop, mostly because I had a much larger photo and discovered this cool little bit of fern in the corner. But the whole was marred by the shadow on the wall of the garage behind it. Much effort spent playing with adjustment layers and such, but I like the result. I just wish I’d seen it when I was still holding the camera, so I could have captured it full-frame, rather than having to snip out a tiny corner of the frame I shot. Do you think it was worth the effort? Let me know. I don’t get much feedback on the photos, and find myself wondering if they’re worth the effort sometimes.

Dinner and drinks last night with some ex-cow-orkers. Good time, and Barley John’s was a darned good location for our group. Both of the seasonals were yummy, but I ended up switching to the wild brunette for the long-haul. Brown ales just seem to work better for me over the long run, even when they’re 7.5 percent alcohol. And that’s it for today. Time for me to get to work.

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