25. April, 2006 - chilly!

Yesterday morning, cloudy but pretty reasonable temperatures for this time of year. By the time I left work yesterday, it was down to 50 and feeling decidedly chilly. And it looks like it’s going to bottom out this morning at 33°F. No actual frost, but darned close to it. Makes me glad I didn’t get all excited about the garden yet.


Pictures? Yeah, I’ve got some again. Yesterday’s ferns were one of the few I’ve taken recently that had strong enough lines that I thought it worked better in black & white. Today, just a bunny who lives in the neighborhood, and apparently sees me often enough that it’s not very frightened. I managed to walk up to within ten or twelve feet to take this picture. I like the way a guy can see the individual hairs in the rabbit’s coat. Looks warm to me this morning.

There’s a new development in the landscaping. I called in an actual surveyor. It’s gonna run between six and seven hundred to get my property mapped out, but I’ll get new markers placed at the four corners of the lot, and a drawn map which shows everything on the lot. But yesterday the city came by to grind out the tree stump that was on the boulevard of my neighbor’s lot. The wood chips are currently covering the property line I’m most concerned about for the landscaping, so I hope the city comes and picks them up before the surveyor gets here.

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