24. April, 2006 - back to it

No call from the contractors last Friday. That’s not a huge problem, but a little disconcerting, especially when I keep reading about all the problems Lileks is having with his water feature. But I remain confident I’ll hear back from them soon. Also no return-call from the appointment I’ve been trying to schedule. Sigh. I’d be tempted to just drop that one, except that I’ve paid for the work already, and just need to stop in to finish things up. Apparently pre-paying wasn’t the best plan.

Friday and Saturday were fairly sedentary. To bed early on Friday, and out of bed late on Saturday. Over ten hours of sleep. Out to the range on Saturday, where a friend and I put a couple hundred holes in various pieces of paper. We both, apparently, need more practice. Once that was done, I napped a bit, and then did some work in the basement. One of these years I’d like to make my basement habitable, but the fact that I can’t walk around upright down there is a powerful disincentive. I imagine that will eventually push me to replace the furnace, but not this year. Saturday night was spent staying up far too late reading a book. It’s been too long since I’ve done that.


Yesterday was yard work. I cleared out the last of the pile of blocks and bricks from beside the garage. Moved the smaller pieces to the trash, and the larger pieces near the trash. I hope I haven’t misjudged how much I can dispose of in a single week, since too much means no trash pickup at all. Plus I filled in the resulting bare spot with grass seed. I also went out in the yard with the metal-detector, attempting to find the posts that mark the edge of my lot. Unfortunately, they’re either buried more than a foot deep, or I have no freakin’ idea where my property lines are. I guess that’s not a huge deal until the contractors get here, but now I need to decide whether we’re just going to wing it, or I call in professional help. Wish me luck!

Thinking ahead to next weekend, there’s the Flickr Twin Cities April Photowalk on Sunday, and Saints Training Camp opens on Saturday. Looks like a busy weekend coming, so I guess I’d better get started on the work-week.

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