21. April, 2006 - running late

This morning I decided to sleep in an extra two hours. Which is going to get me in to work later, which means I’ll be coming home about the time they take away the freeway near my house this evening. I’m already planning alternate routes.

I guess the good part of running behind today is that I’m going to still be at home late enough that I can call to make an appointment I’ve been putting off for a few weeks. Nothing major, but the office is only open when I’m at work or driving to and from, and I never think of calling from work. So I’ll try and schedule that a bit later this morning, and then I’ll be able to cross one more thing off the to-do list. Between that, and hopefully hearing from the contractor today with a bid, I think I’ll feel like it’s been a productive week, no matter how work goes. The only dark cloud on the metaphorical horizon is that two of my meetings that are normally held on Wednesdays got moved to Friday this week. Wednesday went great because of that, and I guess I’ll pay the price today.

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