18. April, 2006 - contractors

This morning, I’m expecting a visit from the contractor. He’s going to rebid the retaining wall and patio, since concrete prices went up over the winter, and I’ve changed the design on the patio. Fair enough. And I’m excited to get the ball rolling here, even if it’s probably going to cost more than I had planned.

Also today, a cow-orker is going to bring his metal detector in to work. I’ll use that, perhaps this evening, to find the markers for the corner of my lot, so I can tell the contractor how far he can go with the retaining wall. I wonder how many false alarms I’ll have before I find the markers. It won’t be as good as if I’d hired a surveyor, but it’s probably good enough. More information is at Minneapolis’ property line information page.

And I think that’s going to do it for this morning. I figure I should probably make sure I’m not still in the shower when the contractor shows up. Wouldn’t do to keep him waiting.

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