17. April, 2006 -

It was a good weekend. I just stayed home on Friday evening. Saturday I ran a bunch of errands, napped, and visited with a friend who stopped by to take away a bunch of old patio blocks I didn’t want or need anymore. The windows were open all day Saturday for the first time this year, which was nice. Sunday I visited mom and then hid inside with closed windows avoiding the high winds which seemed to be stirring up more allergens than I wanted to be around.

On Saturday evening, we talked about my patio plans. I’m leaning toward the circular patio that she recommended. I’ve got an area bounded by the house and the sidewalk, twelve feet on a side. That’s two sides of the patio nailed down. But putting some sort of circular section for the rest of the patio is appealing (even though it’ll be more of a hassle to mow around). I know I want it to run into the house and sidewalk 12′ from the corner, and I think putting the center of the circular section 4′ up and over from the corner (or 5′ 7¾″ on the diagonal) is right. The math looks like a 9′ radius circle on that point is pretty close to what I want (it’s less than an inch too long). Does that description make sense to anyone but me? I’m betting it’s going to cost a lot more than a rectangular patio because they’re going to have to cut bunches of blocks, but I had already decided I wanted the hex or honeycomb pavers, which meant cutting for a rectangular patio, too. Oh well, I guess it can’t hurt to ask. If the contractor ever returns my calls.

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